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Use quality soundproofing material to deal with noise

Superior soundproofing material for reducing noise pollution

Choose our soundproofing material for best results

Installing soundproofing material like acoustic panels and tiles is essential for managing the room acoustics and creating the ideal auditory environment. Whether it is the noise made by hundreds of children in a school, the jingled sounds of the fax machines, printers or telephones in an office or the guests' chatter in a restaurant, unwanted sound that is not controlled can become painful to the ears and even harmful to health. In fact, statistics have revealed that employees who are constantly exposed to noise in an office can become aggressive and suffer from productivity issues, which is a concern that employers should pay immediate attention to.

To maintain the sound levels in your office for increasing the efficiency and productivity of employees, or to improve the concentration of the children at a school, we can help you choose the best quality acoustic wall and ceiling panels for sound proofing.

Improve the ambience with designed soundproofing material

While it is necessary to install soundproofing panels and tiles for maintaining the acoustic environment in a commercial space, it is equally important to maintain the aesthetics of the place by choosing the appropriate panel designs and colours. Our design engineers and wood craftsmen can skilfully craft soundproofing wooden panels with the perfect designs and colours to suit your interiors.

Accurate installation of soundproofing material

Choosing the right soundproofing material isn't good enough for creating the right environment at your office or restaurant. Installing the material properly and accurately is equally important if you want to get the best possible results. Our engineers are experienced in installing soundproofing panels in varied settings and will ensure faultless installation of acoustic materials at your property.

Need soundproofing solutions?

Call us today at +41 (0)41 679 73 73 or fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79. You could also contact us through our soundproofing material contact form to send us your queries or questions.

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